Our Haul for the 2013 Motor City Comic Con

Ben 10 Alien Force Cannonbolt, Gwen Anodite, & DNAlien

The Motor City Comic Convention was a blast. But you already know that.

Aside from the fun we had, Power Boy had a chance to spend some of his hard earned money on some toys he had not seen anywhere else.

For starters, he found a rare three pack of Ben 10 Alien Force figures. It features an exclusive Cannonbolt, along with a Gwen Anodite and a DNAlien. He was able to pick this up for $17.

Iron Man Subterranean Armor

But Power Boy did not stop there.

He found two unique Iron Man figures from the Concept series. The first one was the Iron Man Subterranean Armor, which allows Stark to slice through rock like it was nobody’s business.

The second one was the Iron Man Storm Surge armor, which is used by Stark so he can fight the same way under water as he does above.

He was able to grab the pair for $20.

Iron Man Storm Surge Armor

Power Boy has been collecting various pins to place on his backpack. We found several vendors that had just about every type of pin someone could want. He picked out these six to add to his collection.

The last thing he picked up was something Magnificent Mom and I had wanted to get him. Isn’t it cute?

Super Hero Pins
Iron Piglet

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