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Our Ideas for Skylanders 5

Skylanders 5 is going to be announced in the coming months and we have started thinking which direction the game is going to take.Power Boy and I sat down and came up with a few ideas for Skylanders 5.

But this was harder than we thought.

Part of what made this difficult is we are not privy to all of the sales figures with regard to Skylanders. Do they sell more of the Series 2 or 3 characters or are the new core characters the top sellers. In the end, we just went with the basic game play when coming up with these ideas.

Underwater Realm Up until this point, everything has worked well for the air breathers so maybe we should change up and have the entire game take place under water. Skylanders could run around and grab air bubbles or masks. We also liked this idea because they could incorporate new fight mechanics.

Elemental Attraction While Skylanders Swap Force combined elements, this time around we would like to see a twist on this.

Maybe you have it where certain elements are weaker to their counterpart and if the Skylander goes against an element where they are stronger, we should see a new ability surface.

Nega/Opposite World This by far is our most favorite idea for Skylanders 5. Everything in the game is the exact opposite of the normal ones.

The Villains would take up the role of the good guy and the Skylanders would be led by the evil Spyro. The peaceful Goblins would be under attack by the Mabu and the Sheep indeed be evil.

This would have worked even better before Skylanders Trap Team, but we still think it would be an awesome concept.

Would you like to see any of these or do you have your own ideas for Skylanders 5 and the direction the game should take.

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