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Our Least Favorite DC Villains

DC Villains

DC learned over the years, it is hard to create a hero that resonates with fans, it is even harder to make a villain who installs fear.

The problem is for every amazing one they create, there are several DC villains who make you wonder why they even put them out in print.

We already discussed the Marvel villains and thought we should spread the love.

After spending some time perusing the vaults, we cam up with the DC Villains that rank at the bottom of our lists.

DC Villain

Kite Man

We all liked kites as a kid, but this guy took things a bit too far. Sure maybe a rocket powered hang glider may be fun to use, but to have it be your thing as a villain is not a good. Just imagine what might happen on a windy day.


DC VillainsFisherman

Sure, some people pick on Aquaman based on his earliest incarnations. But we think even they would not wish him an ongoing feud with this DC Villain. He even had a load of fishing gadgets that might make Batman jealous on a bad day.


DC VillainsCrazy Quilt

You have to give the man credit for going out in public with such a colorful outfit. Since he was left seeing the world in bizarre colors after a failed experiment, he decided to make everyone else suffer. His one saving grace is the cool helmet.



Every villain has their vice to make them stronger or tougher. This one uses cocaine to get his power. Even weirder is if he touches someone, he can give them a contact high.



DC VillainsCodpiece

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then we are not sure what else there is to say about a villain  His codpiece has an endless array of weapons, making him sort of like the Inspector Gadget of the DC Universe.


Let us know which are your least favorite DC villains.

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