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Our Least Favorite Marvel Villains

Least Favorite Marvel Villains

Marvel has created iconic villains over the years, but it would be crazy to think they did not strike out on some.

We sat down and scoured Marvel’s roster and came up with five of our least favorite Marvel Villains and why they landed on the list.

Before we discuss our least favorite Marvel villains, make sure to check out the ones we liked the best.

On to our list.

Least Favorite Marvel VillainsPaste-Pot Pete

This villain earned a spot thanks to his initial name. Sure it was later changed to the Trapster but it did not save him from the costume. He dressed up as a homeless French painter who used a squirt gun full of fireproof superglue.


Least Favorite Marvel VillainsAsbestos Lady

This Marvel villain first appeared in 1947 as an adversary to the Human Torch. This was a natural fit since her armor was resistant to flames and heat. She eventually fell due to the long time exposure to the hazardous material.


Least Favorite Marvel VillainsThe Slug

Honestly the first thing you think of when you see this Captain America villain is Jabba the Hutt. The drug dealer who could not move took out his competition by consuming them and absorbing them into his fat rolls. Glad he never made it to the Marvel movie roster.


Least Favorite Marvel VillainsWhite Rabbit

This millionaire’s wife grew bored with her life and started a life of crime. She drew inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit was born. Her gimmicks consisted of rabid bunnies, razor carrots, and a mecha-assault rabbit. Spider-man was the lucky hero who faced her in battle.


Least Favorite marvel VillainsLeap -Frog

The bad guy donned a amphibian persona thanks to using an exoskeleton suit with built-in coils to help him jump great distances. Is it just us, but it seems making a suit where you can jump far is a bit short sighted.  Either way, he was not much of a match for Spider-man, Daredevil, and other Marvel heroes.

Let us know what your least favorite Marvel Villains.


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