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Our Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017

Video Games of 2017

The year has started and that means one thing for video gamers of all ages, plenty of new games.

Before we get to far along in the month, we want to share with you our most anticipated video games of 2017 and why they ended up here.

When creating the list, we looked at games for all of the consoles and PC and what they brought to the table. In the end we came up with a handful of games that we will make sure to play this year.

On to our list of anticipated video games of 2017.

Hello Neighbor This PC game is in the stealth horror genre. It features a neighbor who you spy on after some suspicious behavior. The game has an advanced AI where it learns from your actions as you try discover the secret.  We have been playing this game since the Alpha stages and have had a blast with it. We can not wait until the Summer to get the full game.

Injustice 2 The game by Neatherrealm Studios is going to bring DC heroes and villains back to life in this fighting game. While there is a decent story-line, the real star of the game will be the one on one fighting. This time around, you will have the chance to collect gear over your battles to help specialize your preferred fighter. We are curious to see how this one plays out.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The new console, Switch, is going to be kicked off with the newest adventure for the fan favorite Nintendo hero. This game is poised to bring some new life into the new system while reminding us why we fell in love with the franchise. The wide open world has us raring to go.

For Honor This one caught our attention because of the chance for massive melee combat across battlefields. The chance to chose between Samurai, Vikings, or Knights has us eager to sharpen our blades. If things go well with this melee combat game, it has the chance to be the best game of the year.

Star Trek Bridge Crew It is hard to build excitement around a VR game until you build it for a rapid fan base like the Trekkies. In this game, you get to take on one of the various roles on the bridge of the Enterprise and work with your friends on missions. We think it was a good sign this game was pushed back from a 2016 release with the hope serious bugs were cleaned up.

Keep an eye out in the future for reviews and or game play of these exciting titles.

Which video games of 2017 are you most excited for?

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