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Our Musts for The Last Jedi Movie

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Everything we want to see in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

The long awaited sequel to the Force Awakens will be gracing us in two weeks, making this the perfect time to share our musts for the Last Jedi Movie.

We were glad to see the Stars Wars universe come back with the start of their newest trilogy. We were introduced to some new characters who helped bring the magic back. Along with bringing back vital older characters.

However there are some things that need to take place in the upcoming movie to make sure the franchise keeps the momentum rolling.

Here are our musts for the Last Jedi movie.

Not Rehashing the Empire Strikes Back

Look, we all love the Empire Strikes Back based on the twist no one saw coming. We just hope they don’t mimic this in the Last Jedi. We don’t need to see some major fight scene end with us learning one is related to another. We are looking at Rey and Kylo specifically for this one.

The Middle Ground

Either you are a Jedi or on the Dark side. We keep thinking the title is cluing us in on a new representation of forces. Ones that float o n the cusp of the Dark side but never giving in. And ones who see some of the Jedi High Council as being restrictive. We could see them using the Grey Jedi or Grey as a way to accomplish this.

More of Snoke

We were teased by the brief encounter from The Force Awakens and darn it we need more. For starters we would like to know exactly who he is. We don’t think theywill skip over this part in the upcoming movie.

Filling in the Missing Details

There is a lot that took place between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens. Roughly 30 years worth. While we do not expect to see a detailed account of everything, there is so many moments that can explain a lot in the current trilogy set. Hopefully we get some more answers instead of questions.

Do you have any musts for the Last Jedi?

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