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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC Experience

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare took a bit longer to arrive on the PC but it is finally here.

Power Boy and I have been spending the last few weeks learning our way around and wanted to share with you our experiences.
On the positive side, we think they did an excellent job creating a shooter game from the original format. Not only did they do a solid job of creating a world, they gave use a few different ways to play in it.

That leads us to the power abilities of each side. They decided not to take the easy way out and make both sides comparable powers, Instead they added in little difference like the Plants having a semi-stealth class (The Chomper).

Also we like the various ways you can customize your plant or zombie. Not only are there different costumes from hats to weapon skins, but there are gestures too.

When it comes to the negative aspects of the game, there are two things that stick out.

The biggest one has been the lag on the game/servers. While I do not mind lag in the game when it slows down the frames per second, here we tend to not see the enemy until after they show the replay of our death. This can be downright frustrating.

Also the communication system they have for folks with mics. Since there has been nothing useful being said when we are playing, we tend to mute all players. You have to keep doing this when a new player joins, which can be frustrating.

Overall, the game was worth the wait and for the price and who doesn’t like the fun behind blowing up zombies or eliminating plants.

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