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Our Review for The Lego Movie

We had a chance to check out The Lego Movie yesterday and would say we were not disappointed.

We had the basic idea of what the plot was going to be from the previews, but Lego did a good job of expanding upon it.

Whether it was the various ‘relics’ the characters were looking for or the different Lego figures and sets in the movie, the movie was filled with plenty of laughs.

Power Boy and I enjoyed how the movie showed the figures using Lego direction to build items or how the master builders saw the world around them.
Power Boy;’s favorite character from the movie was Metalbeard while I was partial to Bad Cop though Batman was cool.

As for our favorite scenes, Power Boy laughed the loudest when the Benny the 1980’s astronaut had a chance to build a spaceship and kept shouting spaceship.

For me, it was when they were moving past the secured laser gate and Batman used about a million batarangs to hit a button to open it. When he finally did, he made the comment, “First try.’

We want to make sure not to deliver any spoilers, but the ending was a nice surprise and well worth it.

Overall, we recommend this movie for an family, no matter how old your kids are. If Lego is listening, Power Boy would love to see a sequel.

So would I.

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