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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our Shopping List for the Skylanders SuperChargers Release

We are getting closer to the Skylanders SuperChargers Release so we wanted to put together our shopping list and share it with you.

For starters, we are grabbing ourselves one of the sweet looking Dark Skylanders SuperChargers sets for the Xbox 360. We are a bit disappointed we will not be able to grab one for the Wii for the special character, but we do not want just a racing game.

Here is the remaining characters & vehicles we are going to pick up for Skylanders SuperChargers release.

Frightful Fiesta We pre-ordered this awesome looking variant and will be one of the first ones to break in the new portal.

Shark Shooter Terrafin The man with the teeth is back and this time he has a ranged attack. This household favorite is sure to find his way home.

Steel Plated Smash Hit This is another pre-order we picked up. because he looks down cool and can’t wait to see the game play.

Crypt Crusher The last thing we know for sure we want to add is the perfect vehicle to pair with Frightful Fiesta. This will give us a good gauge too how the bonuses work when pairing up characters with their cars.

There are a few other characters we want to get, but it seems like we are going to have to wait for the later waves.

Have you put together your own must have’s for the Skylanders SuperChargers Release Date?

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