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Our Thoughts on Borderlands 3 so Far

Thoughts on Borderlands 3

Looking way different than the previous Borderland games.

We have had some time to let the news settle in and thought we are finally ready to share our thoughts on Borderlands 3 with what we have seen so far.

For starters, JG13Gamer wanted to start the discussion with the new weapon features.

We see a bunch of manufactures from the previous series returns with new abilities for each gun.

For example, Vladof weapons are able to add tasers, rocket tubes, or gun barrels. We don’t know if it can be done manually or if it is exclusive to Vladof weapons but we are excited for these changes.

There is a new weapon type that has infinite ammo but tend to over heat. These seem similar to the Eridian weapons but time will tell.

Also there is this.

On to the environments. JG13Gamer feels they brought in some new ones for fans. Ones like the Swamp, Theme Park, and a futuristic city had not been previously explored in a Borderlands game.

This gives us a good mix by showing some of the environments fans are familiar with and the new ones. Of course it may change when we see more gameplay.

Next up is JG13Gamer’s thoughts on the new vault hunters who are most interesting.

Moze, the Gunner appears to be somewhat similar to the Commando class. But instead of getting turrets or drones, she gets a mech. It also appears other players will be able to mount it.

FL4K the Beastmaster is in line with the Hunter class. It appears his Summon skill allows him to bring forth creatures to help him out. A bit similar to Mordecai from Borderlands.

On the the villains, the Calypso Twins. Sure they were not part of our Villain predictions, but we would have had to be psychics to predict them.

It appears their abilities may allow them to steal powers. This was seen when it looks like the Tireen is able to take Lilith’s siren powers and pass it along to her brother, Troy.

There is also appears to be a Father in charge of the Children of the Vault but it could be a nickname for Troy or a character from the cover art.

There is no concrete evidence to point us in the right direction but we think it is either Troy, Krieg, or the guy from the cover art. The last one is interesting because they both have the same staff.

Our final thoughts are positive with what we have seen of the game. It gives us more Borderlands content along with refreshing ideas, which is something a follow-up game should do.

What are your thoughts on Borderlands 3?

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