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Our Thoughts on Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Phase 4

The big question is looming, where do we go from here?

As we countdown the months to the Black Widow movie, it made us wonder what was next for Marvel Phase 4 and is it something we are looking forward to.

After Spider-man: Far from Home, we were left to think the direction it would go. Here are some concerns we have for the direction it’s taking.

  • The potential loss of Spider-man….again. Yes, for now our favorite Web Crawler is back. But in the back of our head there is the nagging voice. The one who said keep an eye out on this.  Now we are not saying all hope would be lost if he was gone. It would be something hard to over come.
  • The lack of familiar characters. Hands down the biggest concern. While Marvel fans will come in droves, what about the general public. Is there enough there to keep them coming out. This will be the true test of how they set up the Marvel Universe. 

Despite this, we do have some positives for Marvel Phase 4.

  • Thor’s direction. What happens now with the Thunder God, Especially since it appears Jane Foster will take over. We have faith in Taika. We are more curious how this is going to fit into the Marvel Universe. 
  • James Gunn. He is back on board for GOTG 3. James may be able to steer the entire universe in the right direction. He was one of the reason for the early success of the Marvel movies. He will be a major reason for success.
  • Black Panther & Doctor Strange. Of those left, these two appear to have the biggest shoes to fill for Phase 4. They did their part the first time around. We feel both of them are capable of carrying the load for the next three phases. There may be some slight concern with the director jumping ship from the next Doctor Strange movie. .

Let us know what you think of Marvel Phase 4 and how it will shape up.

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