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Our Thoughts on PvZ 2 Jurassic Marsh part 1

PvZ 2 Jurassic Marsh part 1 came out a few days ago and we wanted to share our thoughts after spending some time playing it.

The popular Plants Vs. Zombies 2 has continued to expand the game by giving fans the start of the 10th world, Jurassic Marsh.

The new world will feature plants (Primal Wallnut, Perfume Shroom, and Primal Peashooter) to take on new zombies (Jurassic Conehead, Jurassic Imp, Jurassic Gargantuar, and Jurassic Fossil Head).

Pros of Jurassic Marsh part 1

  • The addition of the dinosaurs to the game, especially when they are under our control.
  • The music for the new level is good but it feels like a better fit for the Wild West level.
  • The Primal Peashooter is solid with the ability to stun and push back the zombies.

Cons of Jurassic Marsh part 1

  • The cost of GrapeShot and Jack-o-Lantern is a bit expensive at $6.99. Their abilities do not warrant the high cost, unlike Electric Blueberry.
  • The game play of the dinosaurs can be frustrating based on their placement.
  • Some of the achievements seem unrealistic like Dino-Sore, where you can not allow any dinosaurs interact with the zombies.
  • The Primal Wall-nut did not live up to expectations because it seems like he has less strength and the cost is higher than previously expected.

Final Thoughts on Jurassic marsh part 1

In the end, we feel this is one of the most frustrating worlds we have played yet.

The game play feels like it belongs more towards the end of the level rather than the beginning stages.

Things may change when we see Jurassic Marsh part 2, but only time will tell.

Let us know what you think of the new level Jurassic Marsh part 1 from PvZ 2.

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