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Our Thoughts on Skylanders SuperChargers

Everyone has had some time to digest the information released on the new Skylanders SuperChargers coming out this September. We had heard rumbling a few weeks ago about the addition of vehicles to the Skylanders franchise.

At the time, we were still unsure of how it was going to play out but now Skylanders fans have a better grasp of the new game and what it is going to bring to the table.

So that makes it a perfect time for us to share ourĀ  thoughts on Skylanders SuperChargers.

The Positive Side

– The addition of vehicles does give the game a new element not overly present in the first four games. You not only get to pick different talent paths for your Skylander vehicles, but you get to customize it. This change did make us wonder if this was in response to the Lego Dimensions game being released later this year.

– Something else we noticed with this newest game from Activision is the paring down of characters. In previous games, we have seen the number of characters grow to crazy levels. It got to the point where it was hard to the normal person to collect them all.

The Negative Side

– The initial report is we will need to buy a game with a new portal. This has become tiresome since Skylanders Swap Force where Activision has held their fans under their control by coming out with new portals, which meant a high base cost for the game.

– The one great thing about Skylanders Trap Masters was the ability to trap and play the villains from the game. Well all of the hard work from everyone who spent time trapping villains and trying to locate every possible trap will see it is going to mean squat in the new game. Skylanders SuperChargers said they will let us use them in the game but mainly it appears to be for a simple buff.

What are you thoughts on the next game Skylanders SuperChargers from Activision?

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