Our thoughts on Skylanders Trap Team

It is official, the newest game in the Skylander franchise has been announced. We will be learning more about Skylander Trap Team over the coming months, but we wanted to share our initial thoughts.

Power Boy and I think it is awesome because now we get the chance to play as a good guy. Though it would have been fun playing against the Skylanders we have used over the years, this is a nice change of pace. Though I can already see it as a money sink even more so.

We definitely like some of the new characters they showcased in the official video above. Personally I would like to trap the Chompie Wizard looking guy and Power Boy is excited to trap Kaos to play him.

A concern I have is Activision needs to make sure they change up some of the game play to make it more appealing. While Skylanders Swap Force was fun, it did grow stale. Power Boy would like to have a double jump feature as well.

What are your thoughts on this new release for the franchise?  Is there anything you would like to see in the new game?

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