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Our Thoughts on the Jurassic World Movie

We maybe a few weeks late to the party but we finally had a chance to check out Jurassic World movie this weekend. This third movie from our must see movies for 2015 and want to kick things off by saying we are glad the big wigs in Hollywood decided to make this sequel.

Well sort of a sequel. They decided to play this movie right off the original Jurassic Park and ignore the other two movies. While this is a good thing, this is something I am not sure I like seeing Hollywood doing.

So now on to our review and yes there are a few spoilers ahead, so scroll to the end if you wish.

On the positive side with the Jurassic World movie, we think they did a bang up job with the cast selection, especially when it came to the lead Chris Pratt. The way he comes off on the big screen felt real and right in place with the character. We also dug the command center guy, Larry, and the bad guy Hoskins.

Another positive note was the interactions with the dinosaurs. From Raptors to the T-Rex, we liked the direction they took with some of it. The Indominus Rex was okay and we definitely cheered when the others ganged up on it. And yes, we did like how there was a tentative connection between Pratt’s character and the raptors.

Now let’s discuss a few negative things about the Jurassic World movie.

One of the glaring things present for us was the gyroscope ride. Why on earth would you allow your park customers to have control of a ride and not have any kind of automated system to force the vehicle home?

Something else that was a bother was when they first thought Indominus Rex escaped from the pen. Why on Earth would you not check the dino’s locator prior to you ever driving off from the pen? You would think this is the first thing you would do. But of course, if they did, they would have known it never escaped and we would not have a movie.

The last thing we had an issue with was the billionaire owner flying the last of his dino rescue unit in an attempt to take down the rogue Indominus Rex. The problem we see is the missing helicopter pilot. I know they tried to explain it by saying he was probably in with the masses of people but you would think if the man wanted to leave the island, he would return to the control room and wait for the owner.

So despite these few minor issues, we say run like the raptors are chasing you and check the Jurassic World movie out while it is in the theaters. It is definitely worth it.


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