Our Thoughts on the Power Rangers Megaforce Series Premiere

Power Rangers Megaforce

The Power Rangers Megaforce premiered this past weekend on Nickelodeon and we had a chance to sit down to watch it. After soaking it in for a few days, Power Boy and I wanted to share with you our thoughts.

The show started off right with the solid theme song reminiscence of the original Power Rangers theme music.

This was followed by a glimpse of an epic battle with the various Power Rangers from over the years against an unknown evil.

The story quickly fell into place after we meet a the five main characters.. Large insect beings had come to Earth and the supernatural guardian, Gosei, decided it was time to bring about a new team of Power Rangers.

While Power Boy did enjoy the robot Tensou, I am not sure how much I will be able to handle of it.Also we are curious how some of the secondary characters will play out, like Mr. Burley or Ernie, the owner of the local juice bar.

Overall, we are excited to see how it goes this season and can not wait for more episodes.

What do you think of the new Power Rangers Megaforce?

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