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Our Thoughts on Upcoming BFN Characters

Upcoming BFN Characters

Sometimes new character can help a struggling game, will it work for Battle for Neighborville?

The game will be year old soon and thought now was a good time to discuss the Upcoming BFN Characters and how we think they will play out.

For the sake of this discussion, we won’t discuss WIldflower or TV Head since most folks in the game now had a chance to play them.

Excited For

Iceberg / This character feels the closest to release. She appears to be defensive tank with a deployable shield, a backdash, and a snowball. It seems to be an interesting class based on the more unique upgrades. One example is where she would kill an enemy and is the opponent tries to revive them, they get chilled. Not as groundbreaking as Wizard, but the upgrades are key.

Gargantuar / There are not alot of info outside he will have a rocket launcher, a secondary weapon, and some kind of super jump. We like the concept of the hulking beast jumping around the map with an explosive weapon. Hoping it is not like a Pea Shooter or Scientists. There is some promise even though we can’t draw a complete conclusion.

Eric aka Browncoat / There is limited info but what we know now is he has disco mode, where you roll around as disco ball, and a primary where he throws records. We are not sure on the last one since it has been shifted around to where it is Pea Shooter’s Legendary. At first glance, it seems like they are doing a lot of work to make the Browncoat class more interesting. They did a decent job with the new Swarm group.

In the Middle

Toxic Zombie / It appears he has a grenade, assault / sniper rifle called the Needle Rifle. It does seem interesting, but we are not sure why they would add another sniper with Deadbeard and 80’s. This might be because they would add a potential catapult on the Plant side, but there would be an imbalance. 

Berry Brigade / It looks like he come a turret, a tank mode, and a suicide bomber. We had seen some gameplay where it seemed like it could be an interesting class, but it appears it may take some time for him to come out since they pulled most of the data from the game. 

Catapult / We have nothing to work with but the concept does sound interesting a FPS. It could be intriguing to see what Pop Cap comes up with to make this a viable class. 

Not Excited For

Super Bean / Based on the game play, it looks like he has a cape twirl to knock them back, a scientist warp, and shield mechanic that shoots out shields to his allies, which appears to be broken. He seems to have a hybrid of Super Brainz GW2 jump and Rose’ float  The kit looks mish mashed and feels thrown together, like a modded GW2 character and doesn’t look interesting. Nothing that we would expect from an official class. We sure hope this changes… please Pop Cap.

Squash / While he is fun to fight against, we are not sure how interesting of a character he could be. All we have seen him do in game is jump to you slowly, do a ground pound, and die. Perhaps they can draw in some inspiration from Spooky Squash. 

Overall, we think this is an interesting approach, especially when it comes to the playable ones. We will know more when we have the characters past the Alpha stage. 

Let us know what you think of the Upcoming BFN Characters.

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