Our Top Five Favorite DC Super Heroes


The other day, we were our favorite characters to play from Lego Batman 2 and why some were better than others.

After the debate, Power Boy and I decided to sit down and pick out our five favorite super heroes from the DC universe.

It did take some time, but eventually we managed to put together our lists. So without much further delay, here are out lists.

Power Boy’s Top Five Favorite DC Super Heroes

# 1 – Superman

# 2 – Batman

# 3 – Cyborg

# 4 – Flash

# 5 – Green Lantern

Green Arrow

Legendary Dad’s Top Five Favorite DC Super Heroes

# 1 – Green Arrow

# 2 – Batman

# 3 – Nightwing

# 4 – Green Lantern

# 5 – Superman

As you can see we do have a few of the same super heroes on each list and there are only a few heroes out of the norm. Like Nightwing and Green Arrow.

Who are your favorite DC super heroes?

Keep an eye out for our favorite Marvel super heroes.

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