Our Top Five Favorite Iron Man Armors

Iron Man Hulkbuster

Let’s face it, when it comes to the Iron Man armor, there are numerous variations that have been created.

If I would hazard a guess I would say there have been over 90 suits designed for the comic book, cartoon, and movie series. Each suit is design with something specific in mind and are special in their own right.

It makes it even harder to pick out our five favorite Iron man armor suits, but we did.

These are the ones who made our list.

1) Hulkbuster – How could you not want to see Tony Stark suit up in this armor and take on the Hulk?

2) Igor Heavy Lifting – While most of us thought it was the Hulk Buster, this suit made an appearance in Iron Man 3 when it kept the structure standing.
3) Mark 42 – How cool is t to have the armor fly to you instead of having to actually suit up? The shift in the color scheme is a nice change as well.

4) Heart Breaker – If you want firepower, this artillery level suit is perfect.

5) Stealth Tech – This suit looks down right cool with the color scheme not to mention how sneaky it is.

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