Our Top Five Favorite Marvel Super Heroes


Since we have already completed our Top Five Favorite DC Super Heroes last week, we thought it was fitting to follow-up with a list of our favorite Marvel Super Heroes.

This list was a little easier for me to put together since I have been a bigger Marvel fan since the early days.

Thought the same could be said for Power Boy who leans more to Marvel as well, taking after the old man.

So without further waiting, here are our top five favorite Marvel Super Heroes.

Power Boy’s Five Favorite Marvel Super Heroes
# 1 – Iron Man

# 2 – Spiderman

# 3 – Hulk

# 4 – Captain America

# 5 – Thor


Legendary Dad’s Five Favorite Marvel Super Heroes

# 1 – Spiderman

# 2 – Hawkeye

# 3 – Colossus

# 4 – Ironman

# 5 – Captain America

Who are your favorite Marvel super heroes? We are curious to see the ones who have not made our list.

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