Our Top Five Skylander Giants Teams

Sonic Boom & Wrecking Ball

While playing Skylanders/Skylanders Giants solo is fun, Power Boy and I have an absolute blast playing together and stomping out the minions of Kaos.

We have played through the game using various combinations with different levels of success. Some have struggled while others have been down right dominate.

Based on our playing styles, these are our top five favorite Skylander pairings.

# 1 Wrecking Ball & Sonic Boom
      – These two have been our favorites since starting the game and they seem to work well off each other.

# 2 Hot Head & Hot Dog
    – If you like fire and mayhem, these are one of the best.

# 3 Tree-Rex & Stump Smash
     – Playing the two tree forms is a blast, especially when they run right through their opponents. 

# 4 Terrafin & Slam Bam
     – This pair of Skylanders makes mince meat of their enemies by using nothing more than their hands.

# 5 Trigger Happy & Dro-Bot
    – There is nothing better than taking these two out and shooting thing up.

Do you have a favorite Skylander team?

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