Our Top Ten Favorite Ben 10 Aliens

Ben 10 Series
Ultimate Way Big

After Ben 10 Omniverse ended on Saturday, Power Boy and I started a discussion as to which Ben 10 Alien was the best. Maybe in certain circumstances, Way Big would be the best choice, though there are times when a Diamondhead or Spider Monkey would be a better choice.

With so many aliens for Ben to choose from, the choices were unlimited. While there is no correct answer it did give me an idea.

We should put together a list of our favorite Ben 10 aliens from any of the series and to see which characters end up where.

Power Boy’s Top Ten

1. Way Big
2. Bloxx
3. Humungousaur
4. Four Arms
5. Gravattack
6. Feedback
7. Armodrillo
8. Toepick
9. Snare- oh / BenMummy
10. Diamondhead

Legendary Dad’s Top Ten

Big Chill



1. Big Chill
2. Echo Echo
3. Rath
4. Spider Monkey
5. Lodestar
6. Upchuck
7. Swampfire
8. Kickin Hawk
9. Ampfibian
10. Brainstorm

Surprisingly we did not have a lot in common and you can see Power Boy currently prefers more of the Ben 10 Omniverse characters.

Who are your favorite Ben 10 Aliens?

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