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Our Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

Wrestlemania 33 predictions

There is one event that has made the move from the wrestling world and into the mainstream and it is called Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 33 is a few days away and it is time for us to share our thoughts on the main wrestling event of the year and how things will play out.

As a reminder, we are by no means experts. We just love seeing if we can figure out the story-lines the creative teams have put together.

On towards our Wrestlemania 33 predictions.

Neville v Austin Aries Cruiserweight Championship

This pre-show match has the chance to be the best one of the night. Neville and Aries will remind the casual fans that great things do come in smaller packages. Speaking of title, Aries will earn the win.

Gallows/Anderson v Cesaro/Sheamus v Enzo/Cass Raw Tag Team Championship

The three teams will take each other in a Ladder match to see who will earn the right to hold the belts. Gallows & Anderson have been decent champions but it feels like the Big Guy and Cass will take them home.

Dean Ambrose v Baron Corbin Intercontinental Championship

While this is not a gimmick match, like a stretcher match, it should give wrestling fans some entertainment. The two have been on par in and out of the ring and we should see them push each other. Corbin will win the belt as the creative teams continues his push.

AJ Styles v Shane McMahon

Styles as his Wrestlemania match but no one is intrigued by seeing him go against Shane. We don’t mind seeing Shane square off against the Undertaker but hard to say it would be a fair fight against Styles who is at the top of his game. No chance for the McMahon.

Seth Rollins v Triple H

This is an intriguing one as the two square off. Personally we don’t think there will be much fighting until Samoa Joe comes in to help the King of Kings. Maybe Rollins can get an assist from someone, like Balor.

John Cena/Nikki Bella v The Miz/Masryse

This has been one entertaining feud on Smackdown and we are curious to see how it plays out. Some are thinking Cena & Bella win and will celebrate with a proposal. We tend to agree.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Sure the ring is going to be full of wrestlers but it will come down to two guys, Big Show and Braun Strowman. We do not see how the Monster is not going to come away with a win.

Roman Reigns v The Undertaker

No matter what Reigns does, he is going to get booed. We do not see that changing here. If he beats the legend, fans are gonna let him have it so the boo birds better get ready for the new man who runs the yard.

Alexa Bliss v Smackdown Women’s Roster Women’s Championship

Bliss has been fun as the champion but there are too many options here since any viable woman on the Smackdown roster has a chance. Will be interesting to see who comes away with the belt.

Bayley / Sasha Banks / Charlotte / Nia Jax Raw Women’s Championship

Even though there are less woman in this match than the other championship, this one feels like a jumbled mess. The only thing that makes sense here is to see Bayley win but to have Banks begin the heel turn everyone has been waiting for.

Kevin Owens v Chris Jericho US Championship

The former friends go head to head in this match that has given fans the K.O. they love to see. This should be an entertaining match though we do not see any Jericho coming away with a win.

Bray Wyatt v Randy Orton WWE Championship

The feud has been an entertaining one and we would not rule out any kind of interference by Harper.  Wyatt’s run has been short and we see it ending here as Orton takes it. We know they try to make Wyatt a face but we don’t see it happening.

Brock Lesnar v Goldberg Universal Championship

The expected final match of the night is a mixed bag. This is something fans would have enjoyed a few years ago but there is not much expected out of this one. Lesnar is going to come away as the champion and Goldberg will disappear from wrestling.

Let us know what are your predictions for Wrestlemania 33.

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