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Our WWE Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Survivor Series 2016

The annual November tradition is here for wrestling fans. Thanks to the brand split, the matches are loaded.

After a series of Raw and Smackdown specific PPV events, we get a chance to see all the stars in Survivor Series 2016 as the brands square off.

Survivor Series 2014 was the first POV event we watched and was part of the reason we starting paying more attention to wrestling.

As always, we are by no means experts when it comes to predicting winners, but we do love trying to figure out how WWE is thinking,

Now it is time to discuss our Survivor Series 2016 predictions.

Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto The Cruiserweight title and division is on the line this time around. The division has felt flat on Raw and the move to Smackdown could help it. Kalisto is going to win the title and bring it to the Blue brand.

The Miz vs. Sami Zayn The Intercontinental Title is on the line as the Miz takes on the rising Zayn. The winner of this match will get the title and bring it to their respective brand. The face had a decent run on Smackdown but we see Zayn earning the win and taking it to Raw.

Tag Team Survivor Series – Sorry there are too many names to list. This Survivor series match is going to be loaded with 19 guys at the ring. This is more like a mini Royal Rumble. We do not see how New Day who has been on a tear since earning the belts do not lead Raw to a victory.

Charlotte/Banks/Fox/Jax/Bayley vs. Lynch/Bliss/Bella/Naomi/Carmella The woman teams square off in what appears to be a one side match for Raw. We prefer to see the duo of Lynch/Bliss to survive but we do not see how Charlotte and Jax would lose. The win goes to Raw.

Regins/Owens/Jericho/Rollins/Strowman vs. McMahon/Styles/Orton/Ambrose/Wyatt The match has some potential based on who is it in except for the placement of McMahon over Corbin. We are guessing WWE is going to throw a swerve at us as a result. Might lead to an Undertake match against someone from Raw at the Royal Rumble.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar The previous meeting left a lot to be desired and it is hard to expect much else this time around. If WWE is smart, they will stick with the two guys beating the heck out of each other and keep it shorter than most main events. Either way, there is no way we see Goldberg winning this time around.

You heard ours, now it is time to share your predictions for Survivor Series 2016.

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