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Overstayed Their Welcome: Jurassic Park vs Fast Furious

Sometimes a movie franchise can hang around too long.

Jurassic Park vs Fast Furious is the first head to head competition in our new Overstayed Their Welcome series, we hope you enjoy.

We wanted to take a look at a handful of franchises which have been around the block or two. For the purposes of these discussions, we are going to look at franchises that are still active and have had four or more movies under their belt.

On to the challenge.

Jurassic Park (6 films)

The focus of the franchise was dinosaurs and a park gone wrong. Things circled back again to a park but now humans were living with dinosaurs.

World Dominion feels the most out of place. The plot is around locusts(?) as a way to bring the legacy characters in. Oh also they sore of revisited the cloning of a human but explained it differently this time.

Oh do not forget the laser pointers.

The only thing that could make this worse would be if they decide to go with some kind of dino human hybrid.

Fast Furious (10 films)

The franchise started off simple enough, fast cars and heists. It evolved over time but the early movies kept to the same formula.

We understand the popularity of these movies, but we think since the vault heist at the end of F5, things started to change. Secret agents, amnesia, and cars going into space came about. Who knows what will transpire with Fast X.

The problem we see is the franchise logic has changed over the years. A lot of what we are seeing now was not part of it nor did it seem viable. Maybe if things started off with secret agents, it would not feel thin as it does now.

Also now it feels like they are searching for big names to add to the franchise with the hopes of keeping the train going. That is not a good sign in our eyes.

It is close but in the end, we have to give the nod to Fast Furious as overstaying their welcome.

Now things may change based on film which will be coming out after this article, but we were gladly revisit.

You heard our case, let’s hear yours.

Which movie franchise has overstayed their welcome, Jurassic Park vs Fast Furious ?

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