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Pacific Rim Uprising: Still Love Monster vs Robot Fighting

Pacific Rim Uprising

Nothing better than a good Kaiju vs Jaeger showdown.

Pacific Rim Uprising picks up 10 years later from the previous one  but the focus is on the son of Pentacost rather the Raleigh Becket.

More on that part later.

The Kaiju have been gone and a breach has not been opened since they were originally closed. Jaeger’s run by human teams appear to be on the edge of being phased out as a army of drone Jaegars look to be the next step.

Things never go as planned and it involves Pentacost’s son to lead the newest wave of pilots to save the world.

Here are a few things we like and didn’t like with Pacific Rim Uprising.

Positive Side

The use of the Jaegars in various battles versus another Jaeger but especially the newer Kaiju. We like the different approaches they took even the addition of Scrapper, though it felt forced at the end

The new actors to the Pacific Rim franchise did a good job with bring their characters to life, especially John Boyega and Cailee Spaeny. They two developed an old screen relationship that felt more real than forced.

Negative Side

The biggest issue we had with this film is the lack of the previous star from the first film. While we do understand there was scheduling issues with the actor, they did not address his absence in the movie. This was probably because they are trying to bring him back for a third film. 

While there was a slight swerve with who was taking over the Jaeger drone forces, it was still clear it would be happening. It was reminiscent of Iron Man 2 when Whiplash took over the drone army.

We do think there is potential here for a sequel if the box office treats it right.

If you are a fan of the first Pacific Rim movie, then you should go check it out on the big screen. Otherwise, you can wait until it comes to home.

On a final note, this has earned the worst movie of the year while Black Panther has the top spot. There is plenty of time and movie for it to get bumped out of this spot by the end of 2018.

If you had a chance to see Pacific Rim Uprising, let us know what you thought of it.


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