Perfect Marvel X-Men Wolverine Jubilee ARTFX+ 2 Pack

Wolverine Jubilee ARTFX+

Wolverine and Jubilee are two memorable X-Men characters from the 1990’s.

Kotobukiya has created a set of Wolverine Jubilee ARTFX+ two pack, the perfect representation of the golden age of Marvel’s the X-Men.

If you know anything about our site, we are a huge fan of what Kotobukiya has done with their ARTFX+ line.

But could they improve on the last Thanos collectible we took a look at?

The set will come two 1/10th scale figures representing Wolverine and Jubilee. They will be clad in their iconic uniforms from the popular X-men cartoon series.

Here are a few more images of the Wolverine Jubilee ARTFX+ set.


Our first impression of the collectibles is they are down right perfect. The bright yellow paired with their accentuate colors makes them really pop.

When it comes to the poses, they were spot on. Especially with Wolverine.

If you are a big fan of the series, you should add these to your collection.

You can grab this two pack from Kotobukiya for $84.99 and increase the your Marvel collection.

Would you consider collecting this Wolverine Jubilee ARTFX+ collectible set?

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