Plans For More Transformers and G.I. Joe Movies

Paramount and Hasbro are moving forward with new Transformers and G.I. Joe movies.

The two companies have decided to seek screenwriters for sequels of the popular toy lines from the 1980’s.

The problem is we are torn on this idea.

The idea of another Transformers movie sounds disastrous compared to how the movie series has taken a turn. We had high hopes and enjoyed the ones early on but the most recent ones have felt bloated.

Perhaps they can revive the Transformers?

As for G.I. Joe, this one we are leaning more towards the idea of them skipping it entirely. The first movie was decent but the second one was plugged by a whole host of issues. The problem is you can not bring the magic of the toy line to life like you did with the cartoon.

They are also looking to make a movie based on the Micronauts toy line. The toys focused on a group of freedom fighters, explorers, and adventurers. Originally dedicated to fighting the tyrant Baron Karza, who had enslaved most of the Microverse, the team has continued to explore the Microverse after his defeat.

Let us know if you think new Transformers and G.I. Joe movies are a good idea or if we should let the series end.

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