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Plants vs. Zombies 2: Dark Ages pt 2 Should Be Here Soon

If you are like Power Boy, you are anxiously waiting for the second part of Dark Ages to be released for Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The good news is it is right around the corner. While we do not have a specific date, more and more information has leaked to the internet and giving us a good indication.

Zombie King

While we wait for the official release, these are a few of the images we have found while scouring the web.

The one that intrigues us the most on the zombie side is the Zombot Dark Dragon. Since this appears to be the boss at the end of the stage. 

Imp Dragon

Some of the things we have heard is he breathes fire (of course) and spits imp dragons (who are resistant to fire–sorry Snapdragons & Fire Peas).

Wizard Zombie

Another zombie we are curious to see in action is the Zombie King. Especially since it appears he is going to be a stand in place zombie and sit atop his throne.

On the plant side, there area few new ones we get to see. The one at the top of our list is the Pea-nut.

Not only does he block plants like a Wallnut but he shots peas like a Pea Shooter. It looks even cuter when it gets plant food and dons a helmet.


Another cool one is the Magent-Shroom. He grabs one metal object and holds. Shame it can not grab onto the Far Future stuff. (Bummer). Now when you give it plant food, it grabs all metal objects and will throw it back at the zombies on the same tile line.

Is there anything you are excited for in the second part to the Dark Ages of Plants vs. Zombies 2?

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