Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Ice Age Level: What We Know

Hopefully you are done with Big Wave Beach Party because it looks like Pop Cap is going to give us Ice Age for PVZ2.

And from what we can tell, we should have it in our stockings by Christmas.

The team has been busy working on this since October and here are a few things we know.


The new level, Ice Age part 1, is going to give us 16 levels and 3 new plants. Two of the plants we know about are Sap Fling and Pepper-pult.

There is a third plant but at this time we have not found any information on it. Hopefully they will come up with something good.

Sap Fling

Another thing we learned is the boss battle will involve Zombot Mastadon-otron and boy are we looking forward to it.

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