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Plants Vs. Zombies 2: Lost City Part 2 Game Play Analysis

The good people at PopCap are moving ahead from Lost City Part 1 and have released their Dev Diary of Lost City Part 2 game play so we figured it was a perfect time for our analysis.

Before we get to our thoughts, why not take a look at the video first.

Here are our thoughts on the plants from the Lost City Part 2 game play.

Toadstool This plant is a definite plus since he can eat a zombie in one bite. True he does have some downtime chewing them down but you get rewarded with some Sun. Oh and don’t worry we do not think he is the death of the Chomper. You can pick this guy up in the store for $4.99, which is a nice surprise instead of having to spending gems.

Gold Leaf We were surprised to find out he was a instant use plant and that is great when you want some quick Sun. Right away he seems to be a good pairing with the Toadstool plant.

Stallia This flower seems to be a better version of the Stunion. We like the ability of slowing the zombies down better than a stationary stun. Oh even better, it is a free plant.

Time to move on to the zombies from the Lost City Part 2 game play.

Turquoise Skull Zombie This zombie reminds us of the Ra zombie but appears to be more dangerous since he uses the Sun to attack your plants. We are a bit disappointed to see they did not do a different animation aside from changing the color.

Relic Hunter This zombie feels like a ripoff of the Swashbuckler zombie but much tougher than a regular zombie. We did see the slight nod to Indiana Jones by swinging in on a whip.

Imp Porter This little guy sets up camps where the gold tiles and summon zombies. We think an easy way to get past them is to put the gold tiles closer to your plants and one shot them. They remind us of the Cleopatra and Flag zombies from previous games.

Zombot Aerostatic Gondola The big guy does not show up in the game play footage but we heard a few things about him. First he drops sandbags from his ship down on to your plants and his codename is Zomboss Sandbag.   We are curious to see what other attacks he has and just how hard he might be.

Do you have any thoughts on the Lost City Part 2 game play?

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