Pop Disney Artemis Fowl Figures Coming Soon

Artemis Fowl

It is time to believe and go on an epic adventure. 

Funko releasing a new line, Disney Artemis Fowl Pop figures, that is sure to be a hit with a fan of the 12 year old criminal mastermind.

Funko has done an okay job with other Disney related project. Whether it is was Mulan or Toy Story Pop figures, but still everyone finds a favorite. 

Though we are not a fan of the series, we were intrigued to see what Funko put together. 

The following characters will be a part of the collection.

  • Mulch Diggems
  • Holly Short
  • Artemis Fowl 
  • Artemis Fowl Chase
  • Three Pack of Mulch, Artemis, Artemis  *Barnes & Noble Exclusive


Here a some images of the Pop Figures.

Overall, we are not completely overwhelmed with these. Based on previous images, the characters are well designed. But there is nothing there we feel fans would like, unless it is the main character.

We are glad Barnes and Nobles has the exclusive three pack since it is sure to be a hit with a fan of the series. 

At this time, there is no set date for release for these Pop Figures.

Would you consider picking up any of these Disney Artemis Fowl figures?

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