Pop Doctor Strange Figures Hit the Mark

Pop Doctor Strange

The Marvel Universe is expanding later this year and so this is the perfect time to expand upon your Pop Marvel Vinyl collection with the latest release from Funko.

Funko is celebrating the Sorceror Supreme coming to the big screen with these Pop Doctor Strange figures scheduled to be released this Fall.

While we all eagerly await to see how magic translates into the Marvel Universe, the vinyl collectible giant has decided to create a new line that is just begging to take our money.

Funko has created the following Pop figures for the release of the movie.

  • Doctor Strange (Heroic Pose)
  • Doctor Strange (Spellcasting)
  • Doctor Strange (Astral Projection)
  • Kari Mordo
  • Kaecilius
  • Ancient One

Here are some images from the Funko.

Pop Doctor StrangePop Doctor StrangePop Doctor Strange





Pop Doctor StrangePop Doctor StrangePop Doctor Strange





Pop Doctor StrangeRight now our favorite figure is the Astral Form of Doctor Strange, which is an exclusive at Target . We would have liked it a bit more translucent but enjoy the look as it is.

Also we are happy to see them selling a set of four Pop figures, but only if there is a small discount. This might be a long shot since the set will be available at the Disney store.

Which Pop Doctor Strange figures would you consider picking up?

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