Pop Funko G.I. Joe Coming in November

Yo Joe is what fans will be saying when Pop Funko G.I. Joe figures floods retail shelves in November.

The company we have come to grow and love is releasing another line of figures from the franchise line of G.I. Joe.

While we had had recent movies, there is nothing better than the cartoon G.I. Joe A Real American Hero. The show followed a group of elite counter-terrorist team with the code name G.I. Joe as they took on Cobra, who were determined to rule the world.

The following characters are going to be released.

Snake Eyes

Storm Shadow

Cobra Commander


We knew fan favorites Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander would be there. We would prefer to see another iconic Pop Funko G.I. Joe figure like Duke instead of Roadblock, but we saw how things went in the recent movie history.

You can be sure we are going to take a better look at these Pop Funko G.I. Joe figures when they are on the shelves.

If you are going to pick any up, let us know. And do not forget, knowing is half the battle.

Pop_Funko_Cobra_Commander Pop_Funko_Roadblock

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