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Possible MCU Disney Plus Problems on the Horizon

Is too much of a good thing a possible problem?

Most think the potential MCU Disney Plus Problems are more of a red herring than an actual issue, but we disagree.

The recent announcements of the new shows coming to Disney Plus got us thinking again. We are a fan of expanding the universes in the MCU, there is a potential issue.

It would center around where they are making the Disney Plus shows a must see to keep up with the Marvel movies.

This issue started to show up in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness.

The movie teetered on the edge where some people may had not been aware of what transpired in Wanda Vision and why the Scarlet Witch took a turn toward the dark side. Now it sounds like they did attempt to show this when she encountered Mordo 616, but the screen was scrapped. 

If too much begins to happen in the Disney Plus shows, it will be hard for fans to keep up with everything. Eventually people will make decisions and find their real life triumphs what is happened on the small and big screen. 

Kevin Feige has had a unique vision and seems to be on the right path to keep it moving along. This is something he should see and figure a way to minimize it. 

However, if they continue down the all inclusive path, this is something that will cause future problems and a disconnect with fans. Soon to be followed by the downfall of their popularity.

Do you see potential MCU Disney Plus Problems in the future?

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