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Potential Black Adam Problems

The upcoming movie could be problematic for the DCEU.

Though the movie has been on our must watch list, there is some concern about potential Black Adam problems that may arise.

Before we get to the crux of our discussion, we wanted to be clear. We have enjoyed Dwayne Johnson in the majority of the movies and think there is a chance he can have a decent showing in the DCEU. We are not a huge fan of the Snyderverse, but it does have it’s own place. 

The focus of our discussion centers more around the plot of the movie over anything else.  On to the possible problems.

The direction of the movie feels off.

It appears the movie is taking place in the present day, but how will it explain the lack of the Justice Society of America presence in what took place in the previous DCEU movies. This is the same issue that cropped up in the Eternals movie. One work around could be this taking place in a difference multiverse. This would eventually tie into the Flash movie coming in June 2023. 

But if that is the case, how do things merge? Maybe Black Adam starts to change but before he can make amends in his world, he is brought into the DCEU current version.

This brings us to the next issue. The excitement around an apparent cameo by Henry Cavill as Superman.  While a cameo would give the movie some bonus points, it should not be the primary reason for people venturing out to see Black Adam

Instead of using the movie to drive the character, it is using it more as a stop gap. Maybe they would have been better served to let Black Adam take on his rightful opponent, Shazam. 

Ultimately we hope the possible problems are just that and never come to fruition. 

Do you think there are any potential Black Adam problems?

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