Power Rangers Dark Legacy Megazord in Stores

Power Rangers Dark Legacy Megazord

Over the weekend we saw the Power Rangers Dark Legacy Megazord, exclusive to Toys’R’Us, on the shelves.

We do not know too much about this history of this latest version. This action figure is exact duplicate of the original Megazord, which was a solid build. The one change noted is the color palette, with the primary colors being black and gold. Though we are not sure if the cover picture can actually do it’s justice.

Just like with the original Megazord first released, you can combine this Megazord with the Dragonxzord and Titanus to form the ultimate creation.

Toys’R’Us has started a solid trend with their exclusive collectible Power Rangers items. Even better, they are only releasing a couple of new items per year and not over-saturating the market or making collectors go bankrupt.

The going price for this exclusive item is $79.99, which is on par with the previous Power Rangers Megazord releases by the toy giant.

Overall, this looks like to be a solid addition to the Power Rangers toy line being put out by Toys’R’Us.

What is your verdict on the Dark Legacy Megazord? Are you gong to pick up this Power Rangers Collectible or pass on it.

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