Power Rangers Mega Force – Gosei Great Megazord

Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord

We decided to take a trip to our local Toys’r’us and we were greeted with a great surprise.  The Power Rangers Mega Force Gosei Great Megazord was on the shelf.

To say Power Boy was excited about finding the Gosei Great Megazord would be an understatement.

Bandai decided to use a different setup when they created this toy. Not only are their different head pieces pieces to attach to the megazord, the construction seems sturdier.

Toys’r’us had the price set at $34.99 which was the same price they had for the Power Rangers Samurai Megazord when they first came out.

I know this is one toy Power Boy is going to want to find under the Christmas tree.

The Power Rangers Mega Force is slated to be released in 2013 and should be a hit if it is anything like the most current Power Rangers Samurai.


On a subsequent trip  back to the Toys’r’us, we found a whole display set up. They had the Zords for Air, Water, and Earth; which can be used in conjunction with the Gosei Great Megazord. They also had a blaster weapon and a morpher.

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