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Predicting Avengers Infinity War Deaths

Infinity War Deaths

We have less than a year to go until the release of Avengers Infinity Wars in the Marvel Universe but all is not going to be well.

There is little chance all of the top tier heroes are going to escape the movie so we decided to take a shot with our Infinity War deaths list.

We almost decided to discuss some of the surprises we expect to see in the new movie, but opted to go with one we know will happen. Someone on the good side is going to die.

The movie is going to bolster a huge roster of Marvel heroes and while we love to see all of them survive, it is not feasible. It is only natural to expect some causalities. Marvel has steered clear of knocking off any of the big ones, but this time around they will not hold back.

We decided to break our selected down into three different groups. Each one is based on the odds we think of it happening. On to our predictions for Infinity War deaths.


Captain America

While it is hard not to like Captain America, it is even harder not to see the writing on the wall. You can even forget the actor is has one movie left in his deal. The signs have pointed to him dying before they defeat Thanos. His death could be key to uniting the team and help give them the upper hand. Bucky or Falcon are waiting in the wings to take up the shield in his honor.

Iron Man

On the flip side, Tony Stark is another plausible hero to end up taking dying by Thanos. We have seen Stark prepare to sacrifice himself to save mankind in the first Avengers. It would make sense to see him be the odd man out based on the foreshadowing we have seen through the Marvel universe.



The child of Ultron proved his worth since he arrived on the scene but there is one gnawing fact. The Mind stone is located inside of his head. If Thanos is going to wield the gauntlet, it would lead us to believe it will need to be forcibly removed.


The daughter of Thanos did not seem to be a likely choice for an Infinity War death until the recent Guardians movie. Her bloodlust to see him dead is a curious one. Will she be the one who rushes in to try and kill him out of sheer rage? She has appeared to be a solid fighter, but she is no match one on one.

Dark Horse


Fans expected the archer to bite the dust in Age of Ultron. We saw Quicklsilver be the one who did not make it out. While we love what he does without any real powers, we see it as the downfall for Hawkeye who has a good chance not to see the victory over Thanos.


We loved Drax and some of his one liners in GOTG Vol 2 but Drax is still a hot head. We see him as one of the first ones to run into battle. Thanos would make short work of him and show he rest of the Marvel heroes what power he has.

Let us know which Infinity War deaths you expect to see.

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