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Primitive Brothers Is A Pass

Primitive Brothers

The dinosaurs caught our attention.

Game creator Gamecafe developed Primitive Brothers because they wanted to show us why dinosaurs went extinct. 

Maybe there reasoning is off but we had to find out for ourselves. We wanted to take a chance on a game definite geared more for the casual gamer, even more so than Idle Police Tycoon.

You start off on a plane as a passenger. It crashes and you find yourself stranded on an island. You also lose your wig.

You spent time fighting off hordes of dinosaurs and other creatures while gaining currency, gear, brothers in arms, and a girlfriend. 


Primitive Brothers


The game felt like a mess. 

The plus side of the game is the artwork. It is not highly detailed but it was a unique flair and style to it. It is part of the reason why we gave this one a try.

The extra pets you can have is interesting. It allows you to have an extra automated attacker or passive bonus to your skills. 

Beyond that, we are at a loss.

Once you start leveling up your skills, there is nothing you need to do to win. Not even for the bosses that you will come across. Sure eventually things will even out, but all you need to do is raise your skill until you are blowing past them. 

It might have been more interesting if there was a way to carve out different paths depending on what skill or skills you leveled. 

If you want to have a few minutes of excitement, feel free to download it at Google Play. Otherwise we would give this game a hard pass.

If you had a chance to play the mobile game, Primitive Brothers, let us know what you thought.

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