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Punch Out Review (Wii)

Thanks to You Tube, Power Boy was introduced to the world of Punch Out and since the arcade version ate more than it’s fair share of my quarters we had to find it.

This game, developed by Next Level games lets you take Little Mac through the professional boxing circuit as he takes on harder opponents with every turn. Along with facing some of the previous boxers, like Glass Joe and Bald Bull, you will get a chance to test your gloves against Disco Kid and Donkey Kong.

For the Punch Out review for the Wii, we played this game in solo mode and multi-player.


Characters – One of the most appealing things of Punch Out was the variety of boxers you would go up against as Little Mac. Each unique fighting style was important to lengthening the life of the game.

Head to Head – What made this game even more enjoyable is taking on your friends. The only thing that would make this part better is if you could fight as the other boxers instead of Little Mac versus Little Mac.


The AI – We all know video games are set on patterns but we would have liked to see a wider pattern set for the boxers. It was easy to plow through them once we got  quick handle on them.

Giga Mac Mode – It is fun playing as Little Mac in this mode, but man does it stink for his opponent. Especially if you are playing against another person.

Control Sensitivity –  It was nice Nintendo allowed you to play the game either by using the nunchuk or just the Wii Remote, there was some serious sensitively issues with the nunchuk. The controls were not as responsive and found we were making too many misses.

If you own a Wii system and have the chance to come across the Punch Out game, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You will be more than pleased with it.



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