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PvZ2: Neon Mixtape Tour Side B Overview

We have been hearing rumblings, Neon Mixtape Tour Side B will be released around September 21st so we thought this was a good time for an overview.

Before we get into the plants and zombies, we wanted to give kudos to Pop Cap and the work they put on Neon Mixtape Tour Side A. The Hair Metal Gargantuars gave us a heck of a time but we were finally able to beat it.

Enough of  the past, now let’s take a look at Neon Mixtape Tour Side B.


Garlic  – The plant acts like the it did in the first game, PvZ, by zombies retreating to a different lane to steer clear of the stench.

Spore-shroom – The shroom fires out spores and when it defeats a zombie, a second shroom spawns in its place. This can prove useful to build upon your fallen enemies.

Intensive Carrot – This is an instant use plants which will bring dead plats back to life. Something that can prove to be very useful.


Arcade Zombie – He will push an arcade cabinet forward. Once the zombie’s song comes on, it will begin to spit out 8-Bit Zombies. You will see cone heads and bucket heads variants.

8-Bit Zombies – These zombies act similar to basic zombies and are made out of light. As a result, positional co-ordinates have no affect on them.

Boombox Zombie – Holds up a boombox that tranquilizes plants with it’s music.  But this is not effective against ground plants and Phat Beets.

Breakdance Zombie – This guy is a personal favorite of ours though it can prove to be troublesome. When the rap theme comes on, the zombie kicks forward, getting them closer to your plants.

Zombot Multi-Stage Masher – Zomboss doesn’t come with a mech suit this time, but he doesn’t need them, especially since it has five lives. He has speakers which send out shockwaves that stuns plants, except for ground plants or Phat Beets. You will know when he is switching stages when he changes outfits.

There is what we know so far. Let us know what you think of Neon Mixtape Tour Side B.

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