PVZGW2 Birthday Event Coming May 5th – 8th


To tide fans over under the next content update for PVZGW2, there will be a mini event coming this week.

Pop Cap will be running a this PVZGW2 Birthday event which will consist of two things.

For the duration of the event, everyone will have an XP multiplayer of 2X. This can be quite useful when it comes to getting your characters leveled up and earning some money as well.

Each day you log in, you will receive a Birthday sticker pack.

The big news is Pop Cap decided to tease PvZGW2 fans on Twitter with an image from the upcoming update.

PvZgw2 Birthday Event

Not much is known about the update though it appears to be a Zombie themed New York Level. We think there is a good chance of getting maybe a new character or variant.

Every Friday, Pop Cap will be teasing fans with some new information about an impending update.

So make sure to log in and check out the PVZGW2 Birthday event to get your free goodies and keep an eye out for more clues.

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