PVZGW2 Graveyard Variety Update Coming March 8th

Graveyard Variety

Free content update coming.

PvZGW2 is two weeks old and the first free content update, Graveyard Variety, is scheduled to come out this Tuesday.

Nothing specifically has been released about this update aside from a new map for players to explore and a return to Suburbia. While we would like to see a new plant or zombie variant, we are not holding out breaths.

In addition to the new content EA is hinting at, the biggest news to come out of the Graveyard Variety update is the changes to the Rose.

The gaming forums have been alive with chatter about how the Rose is over powered in terms of damage output. Give credit to EA for seeing this as a problem and working a fix so soon after the release of the game.

Make sure to check back this week as we recap what we like about the first content update for PvZGW2.

Are you looking forward to the content and balance changes for Graveyard Variety?

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