PVZGW2 Countdown: All-Star

Sports kombat.

Tanks are a unique in PVZGW2 and the Zombies have one of the more interesting ones, the All-Star.

This hulking brute knows how to lay down some cover fire with his primary weapon, the Football Cannon. While you do not need to worry about reloading this weapon, continuous fire will cause it to over heat.

To help balance out the All-Star, you also have Sprint Tackle to take out any close range Plants or Imp Punt in case they decided to hide around a corner.

Favorite Ability:There is nothing like the Long Bomb to make sure any of those retreating Plants don’t live too long.

Least Favorite Ability: We had no issue picking one here. The Shield Decoy does give you more items to place down but the lower health does not help keeping them around.

Favorite Variant: There is nothing like playing the Baseball variant thanks to decent fire rate combined with the accuracy of your shots.

Least Favorite Variant:The Golf Variant is our least favorite because we have come across with accuracy issues despite it being packaged as a sniper.

Which All-Star is tops in your book?

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