PVZGW2 Countdown: Cactus

No, I am not a spiny Pickle.

The Cactus is the support class on the Plant side and make no mistake, they can give the Zombies a run for their money in PVZGW.

This long range sniper does his damage with the Spike shot but the basic version does have some major drawbacks.

To offset this, the Cactus is also given Potato Mines and Tallnuts to help even the odds. Don’t forget about their ability to control a Garlic/Artichoke Drone to provide some unique air support.

Favorite Ability: You have a decent number of solid abilities to choose from and in the end it is the Potato mine. How can you not like being able to send a Zombie flying?

Least Favorite Ability: There was one that stuck out to us are the Potato Nugget mines. You are better off going with the bigger versions of this.

Favorite Variant: There was no doubt here, the Future variant earned the top spot, thanks to the look of it and the damage output.

Least Favorite Variant: The Citrus variant is good in theory but it seems to fail in execution. There are times when it seems we can not hit the board side of the barn.

Be sure to tell us your favorite and least favorite things about the Cactus.

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