PVZGW2 Countdown: Chomper

Seymour, feed me.

To help counter the Zombies’ tank class, the Plants have their own in the form of the Chomper.

This character is truly a unique one since it does not have a ranged attack as the primary weapon of choice. The Chomper has the chance to sneak up on it’s prey and swallow them whole.

If you decide you can not take a bite out of the Zombie, the Chomper can easily Goop them to render the zombie’s abilities useless or drop some Spikeweeds for defense.


Favorite Ability: Cheesy Goop may be the same as Super Goop but it is orange. So how can you go wrong?

Least Favorite Ability: At the top of our list here is the Sprint Burrow. The speed is nice but the shorter distance does hurt.

Favorite Variant: The Armor Chomper is the way to go when it comes to variants thanks to the excessive health. It is quite helpful when it comes to munching on Zombies.

Least Favorite Variant: Even though he won’t be around in the upcoming sequel, the Chester Chomper does not hold much weight with us. You would think the faster eating time helps, but not much as it should.

Make sure to let us know what you like and don’t like about the Chomper.

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