PVZGW2 Countdown: Engineer

What can’t an Engineer fix?

Support classes can always be a mix bag but the Engineer is down right deadly in PvZGW.

Things start off with the primary weapon of a Concrete Launcher. The engineer is able to do splash damage with each shot and has a decent amount of ammo to run through before reloading.

As it stands, this is the only weapon in the game where you earn critical damage with every direct hit.

Another fun aspect of is being able to activate the teleporter for the Zombies to make them travel time quicker.

Favorite Ability: At the top of our list is the Rocket Drone. This ability gives you extra health, increased damage, and a speed boost. How can you go wrong with that?

Least Favorite Ability: The Turbo Jackhammer earns the slight nod here. While it does go a bit faster, the shorter time duration is a put off.

Favorite Variant: We had a hard time deciding on this one, but opted to go for the Painter. The splash damage seemed to work better for us in our PvZGW battles.

Least Favorite Variant:When it comes to your least favorite one, it has to be the Mechanic. While he has decent damage output, it never seems to match up with the other choices.

Which is your favorite Engineer and why?

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