PvZGW2 Countdown: Pea Shooter

Agent Pea for the win?

On the second day of our PvZGW2 countdown, we thought it was time to share some love with the Plants by discussing the Pea Shooter.

This little guy is the Zombies’ version of the Soldier, but has some unique tweaks to his game play.

The primary weapon of the Pea Shooter is the Pea Cannon and used properly, it can lay waste to the Zombie masses.


Favorite Ability: There were a couple of abilities fighting for the top spot, but we ended up selecting the Retro Gatlin. How can you say no to heavier damage.

Least Favorite Ability: The Super Pea Jump may help with getting you in higher places, you lose out on the super speed boost.

Favorite Variant: There are so many choices, but we gave a slight edge to the Law Pea. While he is low on ammo, accuracy is key.

Least Favorite Variant:Most of the variants are solid choices and can be deadly in the right hand. But since we still needed to select one, we decided to go with the Agent Pea thanks to his inaccuracy and the recent nerf for less health.

Let us know what you think of the Pea Shooter class and what you expect in the PvZGW2.

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