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PvZGW2 Countdown: Scientist

Yeah Science.

We have decided to move on to the healers from PvZGW2 and focus on the Scientist from the Zombie side.

The mad doctor is can be an efficient healer with his heal station but really shines thanks to his ability to teleport and sneak in for some decent damage.

We are looking forward to see how things change with the Scientists in PvZGW2 when they acquire their own heal beam.



Favorite Ability: The one at the top of our list is the Energy Warp. While the Warp is useful to duck in quickly, the Energy Warp is the perfect ability for the Scientist to escape.

Least Favorite Ability: There are two tied for the top spot. The first one is Cheese Warp, which will be gone in the upcoming PvZGW2 and the Heal Ball. The latter is okay but sometimes can get away from you.

Favorite Variant: Hands down it is the Paleontologist, who is a beast on the Plants. He does decent damage with his primary shot but the fire damage is where it is at.

Least Favorite Variant:We struggled to find one by themselves, so we ended up nominating Dr. Chester and the Physicist as the variants we like the least. Lack of accuracy and over blah of the character helped them achieve this.

Make sure to tell us what you like and don’t like about the Scientist from PvZGW.

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